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The Wire Conspiracy Theory

We get a lot of questions about “Wire and Cabling” at Gramophone Home Theater.

And, there is a lot of confusion out there regarding wire, so here are some facts from the world according to Rick regarding wire and cabling.

One of the most interesting questions we get a lot is “does wire actually make a difference?” This is one of the easiest questions to answer, of course it does! If you think about this for even a moment you will realize that wire has to make a difference.

First, consider that all of the audio and video information has to travel through not one, but several wires, getting from your source, to your control, through your amplification and finally out to your speakers. Wire is also very likely to be the only passive element in your system; it is not powered or amplified and has no controls of any kind. So if you think about it; the only thing wire can actually do is screw things up! It does not have the ability to fix things does it?

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