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Dedicated Home Theaters

A Dedicated Home Theater is the ultimate place for you, your family and friends to relive the fantasy, romance and adventure recreated by the true cinema experience. Whether you’re looking for amusement or seeking refuge from your daily routine your dedicated home theater is the perfect destination.
Many people would like you to believe that placing or hanging a big screen TV in an enclosed spare room with a couch and/or easy chair is the definition of a dedicated home theater.
  • Dedicated to watching movies, sporting events and gaming
  • Includes acoustical sound treatments and controlled lighting
  • High definition large sized TV and/or movie projector and screen
Gramophone Home Theater’s Definition Of A Dedicated Home Theater is a room that has been dedicated and designed for the primary purpose of viewing movies, watching major sporting events and gaming. This theater room would include: acoustical treatments and soundproofing (if necessary), a high definition large sized TV and/or movie projector and screen, expertly placed home theater surround speakers and subwoofers, matching audio and video electronics, controlled lighting and a learning remote control device. The Dedicated Home Theater actually delivers “The Live Sporting Event” and “True Full Dimensional Digital Movie Theater Cinema Experience” directly into your home.

The Dedicated Home Theater Planning & Design Process

There are six major categories that define the Dedicated Home Theater Design and Building Process
  1. Primary Use and Performance Expectations
  2. Room Dimensions, Floor Plan Layout and Room Acoustics and Treatments
  3. Audio and Video Surround System
  4. Interior Design and Theater Seating
  5. Controlled Lighting and Remote Control Devices
  6. Sound Isolation and Recommended Sound Isolation Building Materials and Products

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